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Ask Congress to Support Liver Disease Awareness, Prevention, and Research Initiatives

(October 24, 2018) On October 12th, Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) introduced the Liver Illness, Visibility, Education, and Research (LIVER) Act of 2018. The bill takes bold steps to increase investments in research, prevention, and awareness activities to address liver cancer, the second deadliest cancer in the United States and worldwide, as well as its major risk factors, including hepatitis B. The full text of the bill, H.R. 7063, is available hereWe need your help contacting more Members of Congress to encourage them to co-sponsor this legislation and continue moving it forward!

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Stop the DOD from Discharging Service Members with Hepatitis B

(September 2018) The careers of service members who are medically "non-deployable," including 695 DOD personnel living with chronic hepatitis B (HBV), are at risk come October 1st, when the DOD implements a new “Deploy or Discharge” policy. Diagnosed with chronic HBV years after they entered military service, the “non-deployable” classification of these service members is the result of outdated HBV policies and DOD’s failure to document science and evidence-based HBV regulations.

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