Resources for Organizations

Browse and download materials and handouts created for hepatitis B community organizations!

Hosting a Hepatitis B Screening Event

Community‐based organizations, health‐care providers, businesses, faith‐based organizations, student groups, and other partners are crucial to increasing hepatitis B awareness and screening rates. Working together to conduct community‐based HBV screening events is one of the best ways to make an impact in your community. Check out materials to help you organize a successful screening event. 

Engaging Your State/Local Health Department

You are not alone in your efforts towards combating hepatitis B! Hep B United coalition partners are working across the country in 19 states and the District of Columbia to increase hepatitis B awareness, screening, vaccination and linkage to care for Asian American and Pacific Islander and other high-risk communities. There are also viral hepatitis prevention coordinators in many state/local health departments. Learn more about how you can connect with your state/local health agency.

Understanding Your Hepatitis B Test Results (handout for patients)

Assist patients receiving hepatitis B test results that explain “core antibody total-positive, surface antigen-negative” results. Download here.