Screen Shot 2021 01 06 at 5.00.50 PMHealth Insurance Costs Impacting Shoppers Living with Hepatitis B (2020) 

This report is a resource to help people living with hepatitis B make informed decisions when choosing a health insurance plan. It can also be shared with policymakers to inform them of potentially discriminatory benefit plan designs in various states.




Screen Shot 2021 01 06 at 4.58.43 PMThe Impact of Nail Salon Industry Policies and Regulations on Hepatitis B Awareness and Prevention (May 2019) 

Hepatitis B Foundation report to further understand the nail salon industry landscape through analyzing state policies that govern nail salons and identify strategies to support increased hepatitis B education, awareness, and prevention.



Screen Shot 2021 01 18 at 3.04.09 PMOpportunities for Federal-Community Collaboration to Reduce Disparities in Hepatitis B: 2014-  2016 

HBU report highlighting recommendations on how local coalitions and partners can work with federal agencies to help combat the silent epidemic of hepatitis B and further the goals identified in the HHS Action Plan for the Prevention, Care, & Treatment of Viral Hepatitis, Updated 2014-2016. Read HBU’s press release for more information.