Annual Summit

The annual Hep B United Summit convenes national and local coalition members, hepatitis B experts, stakeholders, and federal partners to discuss goals and share strategies to increase hepatitis B testing and vaccination and improve access to care and treatment for individuals living with hepatitis B.

Summit Goals

  • Strengthen and expand Hep B United as a national coalition.
  • Provide technical assistance and training.
  • Promote new partnerships.
  • Foster Federal engagement on national hepatitis B programs and policy.

 Read about our past Summits below.


2023 Hep B United Summit


2022 Hep B United/TB Elimination Alliance Virtual Mini-Summit


2021 Hep B United/TB Elimination Alliance Virtual Mini-Summit

  • Theme: Centering Community to Advance Health Equity


2020 Hep B United Virtual Summit


2019 Hep B United Summit


2018 Hep B United Summit


2017 Hep B United Summit


2016 Hep B United Summit


2015 Hep B United Summit