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Community Education Outreach Toolkit

This webinar highlights the launch of the newly introduced Community Education Outreach Toolkits for Asian communities, and provide insights into the progress achieved through the previously launched African outreach toolkit.

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Speakers: Shreya Koirala, Dr. Nettie Johnson

A Buffet of Hep B Resources

Watch this webinar to learn more about a host of hepatitis B resources including videos, radio clips, infographics, fact sheets, translated materials and more! We are joined by Dr. Moon Chen and his incredible team from the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center who take us through their new materials.

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Coalition Building 101

HBF and AAPCHO look at coalition-building through the lens of their work on Hep B United and the Tuberculosis Elimination Alliance.

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Coalition Building 101;Frank Hood and Chibo Shinagawa

Universal Adult Hepatitis B Recommendations Are Here: Best Practices For Implementing Universal Screening And Vaccination

Panelists provide best practices on their efforts to implement universal screening and vaccination within their communities, challenges they have faced, and the findings of a brand new Call-to-Action to eliminate hepatitis B through the new universal recommendations.

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Panelists: Michaela Jackson, Dr. Su Wang and Dr. Lisa Bade

HBU 2023 Virtual Advocacy Day Training

This webinar is intended for those joining Hep B United for our 2023 Virtual Advocacy Day, taking place on Wednesday, April 26. Hep B United partners from across the country will be coming together virtually to meet with Congressional staff to educate them on the impact of hepatitis B in their communities, and what Congress can do to support prevention, elimination, and treatment efforts nationwide.

Speakers: Frank Hood, Rhea Racho and Michaela Jackson

Snapshot From The Field

Join us to watch this panel discussion with Hep B United partners on the work they’re doing on the ground, the challenges they’re facing in their communities, and the strategies they’re employing to ensure hepatitis B awareness, education, screening, vaccination, and treatment are reaching those who need it.

Panelists: Dr. Amy Jessop, Dr. Ganiat Sarumi Disu and Becky Nguyen

Universal Adult Hepatitis B Screening Is Here

Part I: What do the recommendations mean for providers?

Adult hepatitis B guidelines for screening and vaccination have shifted from risk-based to universal. What does that mean for providers? Join us to watch this webinar as panelists provide an overview of the new universal hepatitis B screening recommendations for adults, how they work with the new vaccination recommendation and lessons from groups working to implement the two guidelines.

Presentation slides:
Universal Adult Screening is Here: HBU Slides
                                                  Erin Conner's Slides

Presenters: Dr. Robert Gish, Dr. Erin Conners

Staying Healthy While Living With Advanced Liver Issues

In the United States, millions of people have been diagnosed with liver disease. How do you take care of your liver if you have cirrhosis or liver disease? Watch this webinar by Hep B United as we discuss some ways to manage liver health when living with advanced liver disease.

Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Lai

Mental Health Series I: Taking Care of Your Mental Health After A Hepatitis B Diagnosis

Hep B United is coming up with a mental health webinar series which will highlight not only personal stories of managing mental health while living with hepatitis B as well as shed some light on tips & resources available for taking care of your mental health. Watch the first part of this series that features our #justb storyteller David Urick, who talks about his personal story of living with hepatitis B, its effect towards his mental health and the message he wants to share with all those living with the disease.

Presenter: David Urick

Taking Care of Your Liver After A Hepatitis B Diagnosis

October is Liver Cancer Awareness Month! Nearly 300 million people around the world, including up to 2.4 million in the United States, are living with chronic hepatitis B infection. Untreated chronic hepatitis B can cause liver failure, liver cirrhosis, and even liver cancer. Watch this important presentation by Hep B United on “Taking Care of Your Liver After A Hepatitis B Diagnosis.”

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Taking Care of Your Liver
; Wendy Lo

Presenters: Dr. Jennifer Lai, Wendy Lo

Community Collaborations with Health Departments for Hepatitis B Prevention

In this webinar, panelists discussed examples of successful community collaborations with Health Departments and how community organizations can form strong, lasting relationships with them in order to prevent hepatitis B.

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Community Collaborations with Health Departments for Hepatitis B Prevention 

Presenters: Catherine Freeland, Evangeline Wang, Kass Botts, Amy Trang, Alison Gaye

The Impact of Hepatitis B on Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Communities

In this webinar, panelists share perspectives from a community leader focus group and efforts to eliminate hepatitis B inequities among Pacific Islander communities in the U.S. including programs to raise awareness, education, provide viral hepatitis screening, vaccination and referral services.

Presentation Slides:

The Impact of Hepatitis on Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Communities; Dr. Nia Aitaoto, Mick Del Rosario and Kenson Alik

Hep B Moms: Prevention of Perinatal Transmission and Management of Hepatitis B in Pregnancy and Post Partum

Featured speaker, Dr. Amy Shen Tang, Director of Immigrant Health at Northeast Medical Services in San Francisco, CA, will provide an overview of perinatal hepatitis B transmission and share the 
development of
Hep B Moms, a program focused on education, prevention of transmission and care and treatment of pregnant persons living with hepatitis B.  

Presentation Slides:
Prevention of Perinatal Transmission and Management of Hepatitis B in Pregnancy and Post Partum; Dr. Amy Shen Tang

Universal Adult Hepatitis B Vaccination Recommendations: Updates and Policy Impacts

With the recent release of the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Universal Adult Hepatitis B Vaccination Recommendations, this webinar highlights the importance of adult hepatitis B vaccination as a national priority. Panelists discussed opportunities and challenges, and shared models of successful adult hepatitis B vaccination scale-ups in high priority settings in both clinical and community-based organizations. 

Presentation Slides:

View slides here; Mark Weng, Claire Hannan, Boatemaa Ntiri-Reid,Amy Tang, Michaela Jackson, Thaddeus Pham


Hepatitis B Outreach Among South Asian Communities

Hepatitis B is endemic in South Asia and highly impacts people of South Asian origin in the United States. Panelists will share efforts to eliminate hepatitis B inequities among South Asian communities in the U.S. including programs to raise awareness, education, provide viral hepatitis screening, vaccination and referral services.

Presentation Slides: 

Hepatitis B outreach Among South Asian Communities; Shaili Ghandi, Adeeba Khan and Mohammed Saiful Islam 

Viral Hepatitis Policy & Advocacy Summit: Health Equity & Hepatitis 

Across the U.S., people living with viral hepatitis face challenges to the care they need due to social and systemic barriers. This session will feature a discussion around the intersections of stigma, racism, and access to viral hepatitis services from a community and federal perspective. 

Presentation Slides: 
View slides here

View audience questions and panelist responses here

The State of Hepatitis B

Nearly 300 million people around the world, including up to 2.4 million in the United States, are living with chronic hepatitis B infection, and a majority remain undiagnosed. Effective strategies are underway to address hepatitis B inequities. Panelists discuss the implications of the updated prevalence of hepatitis B, successful programs and the way forward to reach global elimination goals. 

Presentation Slides:
Updates in the Prevalence of Chronic HBV in the United States; Robert Wong
Global Epidemiology of Viral Hepatitis B; Funmi Lesi
Role of Civil Society & Communities in Driving Elimination; Su Wang