B Informed! Series

B Informed! is a Hepatitis B Virtual Education Series geared toward anyone interested in learning more about hepatitis B including patients, family members, community advocates, health care providers, public health professionals, and community members.

Sessions are every-other-month on the third Tuesday at 3pm ET and are 45 minutes long. Each session will focus on a specific hepatitis B topic related to improving awareness, testing, vaccination, and linkage to care through didactic speakers and real-world case studies.

For more information about our capacity-building programs, please contact us.

7/16/2024: Register for out next session of B Informed! a Hepatitis B Virtual Education Series. This session features Thaddeus Pham, Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator from Hep Free Hawai’i who will be talking about strategies to turn raw data into compelling visuals, impactful graphics and eye-catching awareness campaigns. Data to Action: Transforming Insights Into Action Tuesday, July 16 @ 3 PM ET Speaker: Thaddeus Pham Viral Hepatitis Coordinator Hep Free Hawai’i

B Informed 16th July 1 

5/21/2024: This session features Dr. Amy Trang, Founder and CEO of Social Capital Solutions, Inc. and Frank Hood, Associate Director of Policy and Partnerships at the Hepatitis B Foundation who talk about best practices when it comes to grant- writing and things that our community should be keeping in mind while seeking grant funding.


3/19/2024: This session features speakers Anika Martin from Hep Free Hawaii and Monique Benvenutti from Hepatitis B Foundation, exploring best practices for social media engagement and sharing impactful strategies, demonstrating how one person can turn social media into a powerful team effort for creating awareness about hepatitis B.

Anika Martin's slides

Monique Benvenutti's slides


1/16/2024: This session features Beatrice Zovich and Holly Moore from the Hepatitis B Foundation speaking on Hepatitis B and Delta in the harm reduction space.

Slides from the session

11/21/2023: This session features didactic speaker Ruth Brogden speaking on increasing HBV vaccination rate, getting folks to vaccinated (via screening events, EHR prompts, etc.), and streamlining internal processes for vaccinating.

Ruth Brogden's slides

9/19/2023: This session features didactic speaker Dr. Camilla Graham speaking on provider engagement. Dr. Graham also talks about alternative guidelines that eliminate the “grey area” where there is no treatment guidance.

Dr. Camilla Graham slides

Watch our sessions below:

7/18/2023: This session features didactic speaker Dr. Chari Cohen speaking on what is happening on the ground around hep B elimination and case study speaker Dr. Catherine Freeland who discusses her findings on harm reduction research.

Dr. Chari Cohen's slides

Dr. Catherine Freeland's slides


5/16/2023: This session features didactic speaker Dr. Robert Wong speaking on hep B epidemiology and case study speaker Thaddeus Pham talking about how Hawaii used publicly available data for their Hep B Mortality report.

Dr. Robert Wong's slides

Thaddeus Pham's slides