Webinars 2020

Community Information on the Progress Towards a Hepatitis B Cure

This webinar, co-hosted by Hepatitis B Foundation and ICE-HBV, discussed research updates on the progress towards a hepatitis B cure, the impact hepatitis B has on those living with hepatitis B, and resources to learn, advocate and connect with the hepatitis B movement. Dr. John Tavis, Dr. Chari Cohen, Dr. Jake Liang, and Dr. Su Wang are each featured within this informative panel.

Presentation Slides: HBVCureWebinar.pptx

Improving Hepatitis B Awareness, Screening, Vaccination, and Linkage to Care Among LGBTQ Communities

Panelists discuss efforts to improve hepatitis B awareness, screening, vaccination, and linkage to care among LGBTQ communities. Speakers share efforts to raise hepatitis B awareness, testing, and vaccination among the MSM Latinx community in King County, Washington and the CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis share resources to promote hepatitis A and B vaccination among MSM communities.

Presentation Slides:
An Overview of Hepatitis B in the LatinX MSM Community; Anthony Le and Lésster Munguia
Communication Materials for Gay and Bisexual Men; Amanda Carnes

Legal Protections Against Hepatitis-Based Discrimination in Healthcare Education

Panelists discuss cases of discrimination against health care students with hepatitis B, preliminary research findings from an analysis of health professions school admissions policies in two jurisdictions, federal legal protections, and the process for filing complaints.

Presentation Slides:
Background History: Discrimination Against Healthcare Students with Chronic HBV; Nadine Shiroma
Hepatitis B and the ADA; Susana Lorenzo-Giguere
Assessment: Pennsylvania and New York City Health Professions Schools; Daniel Alohan and Kate Moraras

Updated CDC Recommendations for the Management of Hepatitis B Virus-Infected Healthcare Providers and Students
U.S. Department of Justice Settlement Agreement (2013)
Joint Agency Letter to Health Professions Schools

Expanding Knowledge Related to Hepatitis B Among Nail Salon Workers in the U.S.

Join this session to discuss barriers and knowledge associated with hepatitis B in the Vietnamese nail salon worker community. This webinar features a recent effort led by Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health, Hep B United Philadelphia, and VietLead on outreach strategies within Vietnamese-owned nail salons in Greater Philadelphia to improve overall health for the community.

Presentation Slides:
Development of the Healthy Nail Salon Project in Philadelphia; Tran Huynh, Nancy Nguyen, Nga Vu, and Tracy Nguyen

Overcoming Barriers to Adult Hepatitis B Vaccination

Join us for a virtual briefing on April 30th, National Adult Hepatitis B Vaccination Awareness Day, to discuss overcoming barriers to adult hepatitis B vaccination. 75% of adults in the U.S. are NOT protected against hepatitis B, the leading cause of liver cancer worldwide. Panelists include experts at the federal, state, and local levels who are working to increase awareness and access to hepatitis B vaccination among adults.

Presentation Slides:
National Adult Hepatitis B Vaccination Awareness Day (HBF); Rhea Racho
Hepatitis B: A Preventable Infection and Public Health Problem (CDC); Noele Nelson
Challenges with HBV Vaccination of High-Risk Adults: Advancing National & Local Infrastructure (NASTAD); Boatemaa Ntiri-Reid
Increasing Adult Hepatitis B Vaccination in Vulnerable Communities Through a Comprehensive Harm Reduction Approach (HEP); Jason Sterne
We Can't Know the Future, But We Can Protect Ourselves From It; Camilla Graham

Hepatitis Awareness Month: Planning Creative and Impactful Virtual Outreach Efforts

This session discusses innovative, online strategies to raise awareness about hepatitis throughout May. CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis shares resources that are available to promote testing. Community partners provide an overview of activities including the impact of COVID-19 on programs, strategies to transition community testing events to virtual activities, increasing social media presence, online hepatitis B education, and discuss their plans for this year’s Hepatitis Awareness Month and Testing Day.

Presentation Slides:
Hep B United Philadelphia; Catherine Freeland
Hepatitis B Initiative of Washington DC; Jane Pan
Hep Free NYC; Nirah Johnson
Hep Free Hawaii; Thaddeus Pham
CDC Hepatitis Awareness Month Resources; Amanda Carnes

Improving Diversity in Clinical Trials for Hepatitis B Treatments

This session discusses why representation, including of persons living with hepatitis B, is essential to research, and communication and outreach strategies to improve diversity in clinical trials. Christine Lee, PharmD, PhD, from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) provides an overview of clinical trials recruitment and strategies to improve participation and Rhea Racho, MPAff, discusses the Hepatitis B Foundation's participation in the National Institute of Health's All of Us Research Program and how the program is working to make medical research more inclusive.

Presentation Slides:
FDA Office of Minority Health and Health Equity; Christine Lee
All of Us Research Program; Rhea Racho

HBF Clinical Trials Finder
HBV Drug Watch

Innovative Outreach Strategies for Hepatitis B: Lessons from HBU Grantees

Hepatitis B experts and past Hep B United mini-grant recipients around the country share innovative approaches to hepatitis B outreach. Three expert panelists from the Immunize Colorado, Korean Community Services in New York, and Midwest Asian Health Association from Chicago will report on strategies for hard to reach populations and hepatitis B.

Presentation Slides:
Immunize Colorado; Kristin Mlynarczyk
KCS Hep B Outreach: Reaching Faith Leaders and Patients in the Korean Community; Paul Lee
Hepatitis B Mentorship Program for Bangladeshi Community in Michigan; Hong Liu

We Measure Success in the Era of Emerging Therapies?

Hepatitis delta expert, Dr. Ohad Etzion, outlines the challenges in controlling the disease, current clinical trials, and explores ideal endpoints for treatment and control of hepatitis B and delta co-infection.

Presentation Slides:
Hepatitis D Treatment Endpoints: How Do We Measure Success in the Era of Emerging Therapies?