Webinars 2014

Collecting and Using Hepatitis B Screening Data for Research and Policy

Watch this interactive session to learn more about the process of collecting hepatitis B screening data and contributing to research and knowledge. Speakers discuss best practices for data collection at community-based hepatitis B screening settings, applying for Institutional Review Board approval, and managing and publishing hepatitis B data.

Presentation Slides:
Disaggregated Data; Christine Harley
Intro to IRB; Amy Jessop
Data Collection – The Nuts and Bolts; Karen Kim
Data Management & Publication; Chari Cohen

Hep B Hangout: Best Practices in Community-Based Hepatitis B Screening

Listen in as guest speakers working to address hepatitis B across the country discuss effective strategies on conducting community-based hepatitis B screening and education. In this interactive session, you will learn more about building community partnerships, setting up hepatitis B testing and educational events, follow-up and linkage to care processes.

Presentation Slides: Hep B Hangout

HBU Speakers Bureau Orientation

This training discusses new hepatitis B and media-related tools and resources including talking points, the CDC’s Know Hepatitis B campaign, media/interview tips, and media engagement opportunities. Learn more about HBU’s Speakers Bureau.

Presentation Slides:
Hep B United Overview; Kate Moraras
Speakers Bureau Overview; Michelle Ninde
Know Hepatitis B Campaign Overview; Sherry Chen
Asian Media Overview; Hiroko Hatanaka
Toolkit: HBU Speakers Bureau Toolkit

Hepatitis B Providers Knowledge and Screening Practices

Watch September’s HBU Webinar on provider knowledge and screening practices. Speakers discuss barriers, model programs, and opportunities toward improving provider knowledge and reducing hepatitis B health disparities in the Asian American and Pacific Islander and other at-risk communities.

Presentation Slides:
John Ward, MD
Camilla Graham, MD, MPH
Chrissy Cheung, MPH

Hep B Hangout: Get to Know Hepatitis B

Watch June’s Hep B Hangout and “Get to Know” the CDC Know Hepatitis B campaign. The campaign features a number of education and awareness materials including PSAs, fact sheets, posters, and infographics in a variety of Asian languages, including Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.

National Strategies to Combat Viral Hepatitis

Watch this interactive session to learn more about Combating the Silent Epidemic of Viral Hepatitis: Action Plan for the Prevention, Care, & Treatment of Viral Hepatitis. Panelists share national efforts and stakeholder collaborations in response to the national viral hepatitis action plan and address hepatitis B health disparities.

Hep B Hangout: Building and Maintaining Coalitions

Guest speakers working to address hepatitis B across the country discuss effective outreach strategies on building and maintaining coalitions to address hepatitis B in at-risk communities.

Hepatitis B Data Collection and Management

A webinar on Hepatitis B Data Collection and Management featuring speakers from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Health Resources and Services Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Hep B United.

Powerpoint PresentationHepatitis B Data Collection and Management Powerpoint

Hep B United Speakers Bureau Media Training

This training is intended to help local coalition representatives engage ethnic media and covers topics including talking points, op-eds and social media.

Powerpoint PresentationSpokespersons Media Training
Toolkit: HBU Speakers Bureau Toolkit 

Hep B Hangout: Using Ethnic Media to Increase Hepatitis B Awareness and Education

An expert panel discusses how to work with ethnic media, both locally and nationally, to increase hepatitis B awareness and knowledge.