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Hep B United is a national coalition established by the Hepatitis B Foundation and the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO), to address and eliminate hepatitis B, a serious liver infection that is the leading cause of liver cancer. An estimated 2 million people in the United States are chronically infected with the hepatitis B virus.


Hep B United aims to meet this public health challenge by increasing hepatitis B awareness, testing, vaccination, and treatment.

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    Up to 2.4 million people in the United States are living with chronic hepatitis B...


  • CDC awards a $1.375 million, five-year grant to the Hepatitis B Foundation for expansion of Hep B United, a nationwide coalition

    Hep B United operates in 22 states, 30 cities and Washington, D.C.

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    Aug. 13,...


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WHD 2017 in DC

Hep B United leads national and grassroots advocacy efforts to raise the profile of hepatitis B and liver cancer as urgent public health priorities and to amplify the voices of people and communities most impacted. 

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"Know Hepatitis B Launch"
"Know Hepatitis B Launch"

Know Hepatitus B

Hep B United is an Official Partner of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's "Know Hepatitis B Campaign"

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