Hep B United – Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN)

Hep B United – Twin Cities’ (led by the Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota) mission is to to raise awareness and provide education to at-risk communities with a goal to encourage hepatitis B screening. The Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota‘s mission is to enhance the quality of life of Minnesota Lao families. LACM’s goals include meeting basic needs, increased self-reliance and youth development, reduced social isolation and promoting cultural equity.

HBI - Minnesota (HBI-MN)

HBI-Minnesota is a non-profit that was started in October 2015 to provide free hepatitis B and hepatitis C education, testing and linkage to care for the underserved communities of Minnesota. We offer direct services in locations easily accessible to the community such as churches, temples, mosques, markets, schools and festivals. We also work with community leaders to provide linguistically and culturally appropriate resources for each population.