Hepatitis B General Info

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Hepatitis B: What You Need to Know

EnglishChuukese, Tongan
Marshallese, Samoan, Spanish
Fact sheet highlighting modes of transmission


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Hepatitis B Reactivation Guide

In-depth guide to understanding and preventing hepatitis B reactivation.
Developed by the Hepatitis B Foundation


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Hep B Education for Pacific Islanders

Postcards with hepatitis B information for Pacific Islanders
Produced by Hep Free Hawaii


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Doctor Knows Printable Poster/Fact Sheet

English, Chinese
Poster (Chinese)/Fact sheet (English) explaining how hepatitis B is spread, and encouraging testing.
Posted with permission from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Hepatitis B and Your Liver

Fact sheet on how hepatitis B impacts the liver.
Produced by the Hepatitis B Foundation

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Photonovels about Hepatitis B for Asian Americans

Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean
Culturally-appropriate, comic book-like photonovels developed to raise hepatitis B awareness among Asian Americans
Produced by the University of Maryland and John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


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Protecting Against Hepatitis B

English, Hmong
Editable infographic on how to protect you and your family from hepatitis B.
Posted with permission from UC Davis Health Comprehensive Cancer Center


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Hepatitis B: What You Need To Know

Postcard on hepatitis B and how to protect yourself.
Posted with permission from Health Betterment Initiative

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Hepatitis B Fast Facts

EnglishHindi, Chinese, Vietnamese, 
Korean, Spanish, French, 
Tagalog, Indonesian
Fact sheet on everything you need to know in two minutes or less.
Produced by the Hepatitis B Foundation


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Hepatitis B - The Facts

Educational brochure about hepatitis B
Produced by the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene


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1 in 12 Hepatitis B Window Posters

English, Chinese
Poster about hepatitis B and who it impacts
Posted with permission from SF Hep B Free